Best IWB Holster for Glock 42

IWB Holster for Glock 42 Reviews

The IWB (inside the waist holster) is the most popular choice out there for many good reasons. The holster rides under your undergarment and your pants, inside of your waistband. You may find nowadays IWB holsters with a tuck able option so that you may actually tuck your dress shirt into your pants, presenting a neat look, without anyone noticing you are also concealing your pistol.

Some think that accessibility is the most important factor when selection your IWB holster, but we think you should never take it apart from concealability. It’s essential to be able to get your pistol as fast as you can as your life may depend on it. You can sure decide for yourself the level of retention but a level one will do in most cases. You need to draw your pistol fast and easy and to also re-holster it safely with just one hand. So one could easily pinpoint that a good IWB holster is a place where your pistol is concealed, but still very easy to access.

An IWB holster features a metal clip that is attached straight onto your pants, or loop over your belt. You may also find sticky holsters and its friction and tension against the waistband that keeps them in place.

Most IWB holsters out there are made of leather, Kydex (a hard plastic) or heavy-duty nylon. You typically wear your IWB holster in the appendix position, a bit forward of the right hip. If you are a civilian, you should look for an IWB holster for EDC (every day carry) or a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), no matter if you’re on or off-duty.

As Glock 42 is a lightweight, small pistol (the smallest from Glock), it’s quite a great choice for an IWB holster. There are some things you should look for when getting an IWB holster for your Glock 42 especially when you’re in need.

You would want your IWB holster to be long lasting and to protect against scratches/rain/sweat your gun. The retention needs to be efficient, as you don’t want your gun to fall out from the normal/rigorous movement, nor to be easy for someone else to grab your gun.

The lower the profile of your IWB holster, the better it is for your looks and for your comfort just as well. An IWB holster that doesn’t imprint is a great option anytime.

Last, but not least, your budget has a say on your IWB holster just as well. After all, you want a dependable IWB holster, but you don’t want it to be pricier than your gun.

Top 5 IWB Holster for Glock 42

Especially designed for your Glock 42, the Outbags Lob3S-G42 Brown Genuine Leather IWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster may surprise you with its performance, considering its rather low price.

The IWB holster is not for outside pants or small of back and its low profile recommends it only for inside pants wear.

We like the holster as it’s handcrafted from tough, genuine leather here at home in our USA. The holster is hand dyed so it maintains all the natural qualities of genuine leather. This also explains why the brow dye may vary in shades, from medium to dark brown.

The workmanship of the holster is in fact one of its strong points and the holster is cured and hardened to hold its custom shape for a very long time. The stitching is tough and the holster is built to last for quite some time.

The IWB holster presents Level 1 retention and gives a snug fit to your weapon. The fit doesn’t loosen in time and the holster doesn’t add bulk to your looks. The holster covers the trigger and the clip is sharp and tight.

The holster protects very well your Glock 42 and you may increase its resistance to water/sweat by using a leather protectant.

Handcrafted here at home in our USA, from good genuine leather, the IWB holster protects your gun and gives you easy, subtle access to your gun, for a long time.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The holster is made from genuine leather
  • It has a rugged build, but doesn’t add bulk to your looks
  • It protects your gun and gives you easy access to it
  • The gun fits snug and the holster covers the trigger

We do have some cons to mention:

  • The clip is a bit tight for some
  • Some feel the comfort may be improved

All in all, for a very good price, you get a very good, durable and dependable IWB holster that keeps your Glock 42 snug and protected at all time.


Highly versatile as it’s ambidextrous, the Blade Tech Industries Inside the Waistband Klipt Appendix is a dependable asset for anyone having a Glock 42.

The holster brings on the table not only the ambidextrous design, which means you don’t have to find the right one for you, but also a good quality workmanship and reliability.

We like the holster as it’s not molded extremely tight, but it still keeps your Glock snug and secure at all time. The holster is strong and lightweight and you may tuck in between the clip and the holster.

The features on the holster are functional and increase its versatility. You may adjust the clip higher or lower, depending on your needs. The screw may also be tighten more to clamp just as well.

The retention on the holster is good and the draw is fast and easy. The holster leaves no printing and the tension is just right.

The holster present a good body and may serve you for quite some time.

Let’s list the things we like a lot:

  • The holster has an ambidextrous design and the molded is not too tight
  • The retention is good and the draw is fast
  • The holster leaves no printing
  • The body is durable and lightweight, yet strong

We do have some cons to mention:

  • Re-holstering is a bit difficult at times
  • Some think the holster rides a bit high

Our take away are that, despite the minor issues, we still see the holster as a dependable option when in need, no matter which hand you use.


The simple, yet highly efficient, design of the Glock 42 Blue Alpha Aero IWB Kydex Holster is one of its best assets that you should consider when taking a look at it.

The holster presents an adjustable cant and retention and the holster belts up to 1.75”. The slim design and the solid build make the holster reliable and great for anyone. It’s made of tough Kydex, which means the holster takes the intense use for a long time.

We notice how the holster holds the gun securely in place, giving a snug fit at all time. The gun is easy to pull and the holster clips very easy. The clip is in fact injection molded, which explains the perfect fit and comfortable wear. The retention is high and the holster covers the mag just as well.

The grip is good and the weapon is easy to conceal. The holster is handmade here at home in our USA and its solid build combines just fine with the low profile.

Going over the main details once again:

  • The holster is well made and has a low profile
  • It present adjustable cant and retention
  • The clip is injection molded
  • It gives a snug fit, but the weapon is easy to pull and protected

We’d like to see some minor changes:

  • The holster sweat doesn’t cover the entire weapon
  • The weapon might touch your skin at times

Nevertheless, for its low profile, good build and efficiency, we still think the holster makes it as a good option when in need.


Very well designed and made, the Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster – Glock 42 .380 is a small IWB holster that may satisfy so many of Glock 42 owners.

The IWB holster presents plenty of good features that are functional, giving you the protection and easy access to your Glock 42. The holster comes with an adjustable ride height, cant angle and retention. You may carry your gun comfortable and secure at the same time.

We really like a lot the molding on the holster that conform exactly to your gun model. The holster is made of Kydex that is durable, without adding the bulkiness. As a matter of fact, the holster present a rather slim profile and its clip hides it so well under your clothes/your belt.

We also notice the custom channels that fit typical sights and indicators. The holster also comes with a sweat shield so that is sweat-free and with clean slide all the time.

The holster is lightweight, small, and comfortable. The clip is rock solid spring steel and adjustable, without adding any bulk. The response time is fast and the retention is consistent on and off your body.

As it’s handcrafted here at home in our USA, the holster stands out with its good design, strong build and long lasting construction. We like it for its balance and the ease of drawing. It gives minimal printing and amazing reliability.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The holster is handcrafted from Kydex, here in our USA
  • It has a low profile and is very well designed and made
  • It comes with plenty of features that make it efficient
  • It has minimal printing and gives fast and easy access to your gun

We don’t forget about the cons:

  • The clip is a bit obvious as it’s rather thick and black
  • The comfort may be better, but this is quite a personal matter

All things considered, we like the holster for its reliability, good design and amazing build and don’t mind about the minor issues.


Even though you may feel you pay the extra buck, when it comes to a holster like the Glock 42 w/TLR-6 Holster – Tulster Profile LB Holster IWB, it’s totally worth the effort.

The closer you look to the holster, the more you get it why the holster stands out from so many other models.

The 1.5” quick clip allows you to take off/put on your weapon every time. The cant is adjustable and you may set it from 0 to 15 degrees thank to the forward hole that is oblong.

The holster presents also an adjustable positive retention point. An obvious and audible “click” lets you know the gun is fully holstered.

The list of functional features isn’t over and we also mention the entire sweat shield that helps you re-holstering with the indexing point, keeping clothing out of the opening.

The injection-molded clip comes with soft loop option, which is so helpful.

The minimal design of the holster gives comfort at all time. The matte edge finish and minimal material used creates a good snug-fit for the weapon, without sacrificing the concealment.

The trigger guard is undercut for a higher grip, so you may release magazine when the firearm is entirely holstered.

The most important pros are:

  • The holster has minimal design and it’s not bulky
  • The holster comes with adjustable positive retention point
  • The clip is injection molded and has soft loop option
  • The retention and draw are good and the holster gives a snug fit to your Glock

Here are our cons:

  • The holster is for the wright hand use
  • The comfort when sitting isn’t the best

The minor flaws aren’t deal breakers for us and we still think the holster is a good investment to make for you Glock 42.