Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14” Mid-Calf Boot

Any dedicated hunter knows that hunting requires a lot of practice and documentation work. You have to practice your shot or the right momentum for releasing the bow. However, you also need to gather all the info about your game, the weather, the equipment, and everything else.

When you’re after your game, not even the sharpest eye cannot help you if your boots smell or make squeaky sounds. Staying in place, without worrying about blisters on your feet is just as important as using the right size for your ammunition.

And if you put your money where your mouth is, you know that the right pair of hunting boots can help you make that shot after a long day of waiting.

Why should you consider Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot?

Hunters know that hunting boots have to provide stability, traction, and comfort as hunting is both challenging and energy-consuming. Waterproofness is another feature that matters, as there is no hunting experience with zero chances for rain or puddles along the way.

Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot manages to fit the description, and they bring a lot of good things to the table. They impress with the durable construction and overall appearance, helping one hide better into surroundings.

Versatile and dependable, Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot are impressive boots that come with the signature Wolverine technologies and work in all sorts of environment and weather.

Who is Wolverine to begin with?

Wolverine’s story began way back in the 19th century when G.A. Krause created the foundation for a small leather tannery. The high-quality craftsmanship from the Michigan company soon became famous for its comfortable and sturdy work boots and gloves.

Years went by, and the company never stopped creating and making robust and dependable boots, that would take the long-time use and the excess wear. To this day, the company didn’t move from Michigan, keeping the tradition going.

What are the technical details of Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot?

Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot are multi-functional boots that are made with long-lasting neoprene and innovative Wolverine technologies. The rubber is 5mm thick, which means that the boots handle all sorts of weather conditions, for many seasons.

The shaft is about mid-calf from the arch, eliminating the worry about the boots being unable to provide arch support or comfort. By the contrary, you’re going to find the boots comfortable to wear for many hours.

We should highlight that Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot stand from their opponents due to the EPX Anti-Fatigue technology. The boots come with removable EPX footbed which ensures anti-fatigue support for every single step that you make.

The big heel kicker and the reinforced toe increase the durability and toughness of the boots. They’re ready to take up a beat.

The boots are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about wetting your feet on a rainy hunt. The neoprene lining keeps your feet warm, turning the boots into a reliable choice for late-season hunting.

Designed also with comfort to mind, Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot includes a compression-molded EVA midsole which is both lightweight and efficient. Your feet will not feel all the sharp and rocky trails since the midsole will act as a protective layer for your underfoot.

As we’ve mentioned before, toughness is one of the main characteristics of the boots, and the nylon shank is another way to prove it. The shank takes excess use and strengthens the boots too.

The traction is always reliable since the rubber lug outsole is going to bite the ground. The boots ensure balance and stability even through muddy terrain, slippery slopes, or leafy terrain. It’s an aggressive pattern for the lugs, which reduces the risk of falling.

Don’t worry about the boots being too snug or too loose on your calf. They come with adjustable straps so that you can find the perfect fit for the boots.

The boots are very well made, and the craftsmanship is remarkable. The mossy oak style helps you blend into surroundings, and the boots don’t catch smells. They keep you subtle, and your game cannot sense you easily.

Are Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot comfortable and easy to wear?

As with all rubber boots, it’s going to take a bit of time until you figure out what’s the easiest way to put on/take the boots off. Either way, the boots provide a good grip, and they’re not going to slip away while you’re pulling them on. The big heel kicker is going to ease out your efforts when taking the boots off.

Due to the EVA midsole, the level of comfort is surprisingly good, cushioning the underfoot. Let’s not forget that the boots come with EPX anti-fatigue footbed which increases the level of comfort.

The boots are ready to wear right out of the box and don’t cause blisters or hot points. The construction is smart, with the boots providing dependable ankle support. The nylon shank plays its part when it comes to arch support, increasing your comfort.

The neoprene lining keeps your feet warm on a chilly morning but doesn’t lead to toasty feeling. The boots don’t make your feet sweat unless you’re wearing them on a hot summer hunt.

Thanks to the lug pattern on the outsole, the boots give excellent traction, helping you feel confident and able to focus on other things.

What do we like the most about the boots?

We like many things about the boots, and summing it all for a list doesn’t come easy:

  • They’re made with 5mm thick rubber
  • They come with durable neoprene insulation
  • The EPX footbed ensures anti-fatigue support, and it’s removable
  • The reinforced toe and heel kicker increase the durability of the boots while protecting your foot
  • The adjustable straps allow a snug fit
  • They come in the mossy oak pattern for more natural blending into surroundings
  • The traction is dependable even on slippery or muddy surfaces
  • The boots are well made and long-lasting

Is there something we like less?

We don’t think that the downsides are deal breakers, but it’s wise to check the minor problems as well:

  • The boots are a tad heavy
  • Some may not go for the Wolverine red label in front

What’s the conclusion?

Wolverine Men’s Marsh 14’’ Mid-Calf Boot is what hunters look in a pair of rubber boots: durable, dependable, supportive, comfortable, and waterproof. Even if they’re not the lightest choice out there, they still manage to be a reliable option for anyone ready to use rubber hunting boots.