Tenzing TZ 6000 and TZ 5000 review

The specs at a glance:

  • TZ 5000: 4160 cu. in. expandable to 5620 cu. in.
  • TZ 6000: 4400 cu. in. expandable to 6013 cu. in.
  • Fully adjustable torso suspension
  • Two rigid internal aluminum frame stays
  • Padded hip support
  • Channeled, air-cooled back pad
  • Foldout bow and gun carrying boot
  • Integrated raincover
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • 20 total compartments and pockets

Today we’re having a look at the TZ 5000 and TZ 6000 backpacks from Tenzing. Designed to go in light and come out loaded, the TZ 5000 and the TZ 6000 are designed for the serious back country hunter.

Incorporating high-strength Dyneema in all the high-stress areas, Tenzing ensures durability and protection against rips and tears, while minimizing weight and bulk. Weighing in at 7 pounds 13 ounces, the TZ 6000 provides 6013 cubic inches of load hauling capacity. Its smaller couterpart TZ 5000 weighs 7 pounds 8 ounces and provides 5620 cubic inches.

The main difference between the TZ 6000 and the TZ 5000 lies in the height of the pack. The TZ 5000 is designed to fit a smaller torso, while the TZ 6000 is built for longer torsos. Don’t worry though, as both packs come with Tenzing’s fully adjustable suspension system, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your individual comfort.

The channeled air cooled back pad, padded hip supports, and wide padded shoulder straps help distribute weight and are designed to provide all-day comfort even against a heavy load. Functional load lifters, as well as the adjustable chest strap also help adjust the weight of the loads and work to keep the weight tightly secured against your back.

The harness tethering system keeps the shoulder straps organized and prevents them from dangling and getting in your way, while the elastic clasp can be stretched over all excess straps keeping noise and clutter at a minimum.

Jumping into the details, it’s obvious the TZ 6000 means business. The lid includes zippered pockets on the inside, as well as the outside, which is handy as the lid also detaches to double as a fanny pack. With a total of 5 specialized zippered compartments, the TZ 6000 makes hauling large items a breeze while also providing plenty of space to keep all your gear organized and readily available.

The triple entry into the main compartment is easily identified  with yellow coded, no rattle pulls and zipper teeth on the face and bottom, as well on the main entry through the top.

The bottom compartment can be zippered off to provide a sleeping bag compartment, or opened up for over 2400 cu. in. of mass storage. The main compartment can also be expanded vertically with draw cords to keep contents secured. It is also home to a separate 3 Liter hydration bladder area.

Behind the main compartment is a breathable zippered compartment with mesh sides for hauling meat. The back of the meat compartment houses Tenzing’s dual aluminum frame stays, which provide increased strength and rigidity without unnecessary weight.

An organizational compartment on the front of the pack has a total of nine individual pockets, keeping all your gear neatly separated and readily available. Two additional zippered compartments on the sides of the pack allow for additional full-in storage for spotting scopes, and can be unzipped for additional expansion. Mesh pockets on the sides of the pack also provide quick access to additional water bottles.

Five lateral and two lower compression straps provide additional locations for securing loads and gear. At the bottom of the pack you’ll also find the fold-out bow and rifle boot. Designed to hold the bottom wheel of a bow or the butt of a rifle, the pull-down boot will securely carry your weapon for hands-free hiking or packing, and can be easily moved to the sides of the pack, or left in the center.

The pack also includes a fold-out rain cover that can be attached over the entire pack to ensure your content stays dry in the worst conditions.

Like the rest of the Tenzing packs, the TZ 6000 and 5000 have the unattached hip pockets allowing you to carry a side arm or other gear that would normally be carried on a belt, without sacrificing access to critical items like range finders.

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6 things I particularly like about this pack:
  1. The included rain cover. When it rains for a couple solid days, you’ll get to greatly appreciate this feature, while your companions attempt to make do with trash bags.
  2. The integral bow/rifle carrier. On short hunts, I don’t normally use this as much, but on a recent week-long trip, we had a lot of terrain to cover going in and out of hunt areas, and I used the carrier a-plenty.
  3. The detachable daypack. As I mentioned already, the top compartment of the TZ6000 and TZ5000 detaches to allow to be used as a fanny pack. I see myself using this a lot to carry stuff out of the camp on day hunts.
  4. The sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the pack. This dedicated pocket helps save space in other areas.
  5. The internal frame. As one coming from external frame packs, I find the TZ6000 to be well designed and able to support similar loads, without the shoulder pull that no-frame packs have.
  6. The quietness and yet ruggedness of the material. I found this pack to be very quiet when rubbed against branches and underbrush, and yet strong and durably built.
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