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Rangermade’s Best Bow Hunting Backpack Reviews

While you’re on the move, the convenience of having a pack designed to carry your weapon (either bow or rifle) is second to none. Unlike in the past, we are now in an era where bags are being specialized to carry either bows or rifles. This versatility helps make it easier to carry lots of gear while still having your weapon in a convenient and easy-to-access place.

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In the past people had to be creative in order to get all their gear and weapon on the move with them. A combination of bungee cords, rucksacks and army surplus bags used to be common to see with hunters. Back then you couldn’t even get a bag specially built for hunting in the store. Now it’s rare to see a hunter without these specialized packs that make your job infinitely easier. Most bags even feature revolutionary internal frames that can expand and accommodate larger loads as your hunt goes on.

This page will detail some of the best bow hunting backpacks to help you make a decision on which one to choose. The reviews on these packs will cover the specs as well as some personal thoughts from real users on the best hunting packs.

Rangermade’s comparison chart of the best bow hunting backpacks

Allen Company Canyon 2150 Camouflage Daypack, Realtree Xtra2150
Bow/gun carry system
Hydration ready
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting Back Pack - Brushed Realtree Xtra HD, 2700 Cubic Inches2700
Stow-away bow pocket
Center aluminum stay
Hydration ready
ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Pack (Brushed Realtree Xtra HD)2500
Expandable bow/rifle pocket.
Hydration ready.
Timber Hawk Killshot Heavy Hunting Hydration Backpack Archery Bow & Rifle Holder, Realtree Camo3000 cu. in.
Bow/rifle carrier.
Hydration bladder with insulated hose (included).
Internal frame
Binocular holder
Easton Fulldraw 3000 Pack - Max13000 cu. in.
Easy draw shoulder strap system.
Hydration compatible.
Integrated shooting platform.
Carries bow or rifle.
Eberlestock X1A1 Hunting Pack, Mossy Oak Brush1900 cu. in.
Saddle for bow carrying.
Includes rifle scabbard.
ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Hunting Pack2700 cu. in.
Carries compound bow, crossbow, rifle.
Center aluminum stay.
Hydration compatible.
Badlands Superday Pack (Realtree AP Xtra, 20 x 13 x 7.5-Inch)1950 cu. in.
Adjustable bow/rifle boot.
Handgun holsters on waist belt.
Crooked Horn Outfitters Trailblazer II , Mossy Oak, 850-Cubic Inch900 cu. in.
Bow/Rifle Pouch.
Horn Hunter "G3" Treestand Pack (Apg Realtree)2200 cubic inches.
Hydration compatible.
Hangs in treestand.
Carries bow or rifle.
Slumberjack Snare 2000 Backpack, Kryptek2000 cu. in.
Single stay frame.
Bow/gun carry system.
PALS webbing.
Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack (Max 1 Camo)2220 cu. in.
Single frame stay.
Foldout bow and gun carrying boot.
Browning Wasatch 44-Liter Back Pack, Real Tree AP2680 cu. in.
Holds bow or rifle.
Hydration compatible.
Horn Hunter G2 MAQ Quiver Pack1250 cu. in.
Holds bow.
Quiver attachment.

Detailed reviews of the top best bow hunting backpacks

1. Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

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The Eberlestock M5 is one of the best hunting backpacks out there, thanks to its versatile nature. The M5 is sized at 3100 cubic inches (51 liters), making it an above-average sized hunting pack. The size and the ability to easily organize your gear make this a solid all-around pack that can handle multiple activities. The most notable feature of the M5 has to be the built in bow carrier.

The bow carrier accommodates most bows and can easily be used as an extra storage space when not needed. The same thing is true for the fold-away rifle scabbard, doubling as storage when not in use. These convenient storing systems for your weapons put the M5 up there with the best bow hunting packs in terms of storage and organization. The multiple pockets and zippered pouches are put in easy to reach places. These are high-quality, deep pockets allowing you to carry tools of all sizes. Additionally, the pack has both front-loading and top-loading access. The bow hunting backpack features an internal aluminum frame, dual full-depth hydration, and full-depth spotting scope pockets, and grapple-compression straps.

There aren’t many negatives with this pack. Depending on your height, you may find this pack uncomfortable. It can be adjusted, but most users find it is more suited to accommodate people 5’8 and under. Some people also find the chest strap to be uncomfortable. Another con is that unlike the rest of the bag, the chest strap on the M5 isn’t made out of the highest quality material.

  • it’s a rugged bow hunting backpack
  • it features many pockets and zippered pouches
  • it has an aluminum frame, hydration pockets, and compression straps
  • it features a built-in bow holder

  • the chest strap could be more comfortable
  • the material for the chest strap could be of better quality

Overall the Eberlestock M5 is among the best hunting backpacks that offer superior storage and all-around versatility. Excellent for many activities, versatile, and that’s why it’s hard to overlook in any bow hunting backpack chart.

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2. Badlands 2200

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The Badlands 2200 is a top tier pack for big game hunters. It features good size at 2200 cubic inches. The internal frame on this bag is highly expandable, accommodating for larger equipment and load. This pack really starts to appeal to big game hunters with its hidden fabric shelf section for carrying game. This bag can be compressed to a normal daypack size and then expanded easily as the hunt goes on.

The Badlands 2200 has 4 compartments and 5 pockets. A great part about the bag is that you can access your gear easily from both the front and back without taking the pack off. When packed properly this is a great feature for easy access on tough terrain.

The 2200 is made out of extremely durable KXO 32 camo fabric which is conveniently a quiet material.

There are some cons to the 2200 pack. Most users say it’s not a good fit for taller people. The pack is adjustable but those with a longer frame/torso area will have difficulty being comfortable when the pack gets heavier. This bag is best for people 5”7 and under.

Another minor problem is the side pockets on the belt are almost too small to hold anything of importance. The convenience of this bag drops a bit because of these small sizes and because it has no outside pockets.

If you’re planning on carrying game and need to pick up things as you go, the Badlands 2200 is a very fit if not the best hunting pack for you. The expandable nature of this pack makes it a solid buy.

  • the pack is spacious and has many pockets and compartments for effective organization of hunting gear
  • it’s made with long-lasting and silent material
  • it has compression straps and offers easy access to hunting equipment
  • it comes with a built-in metal hauler

  • it’s not the best bow hunting backpack for tall hunters
  • the side pockets are rather small

If you’re planning on carrying game and need to pick up things as you go, the Badlands 2200 is a very fit, if not the best hunting pack for you. The expandable nature of this pack makes it a solid buy.

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3. Alps OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X with Pack

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Alps OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X is a fantastic option for the best bow hunting backpack. It sums up most features you need for remote backcountry hunting trips and allows you to haul the inner out and gear. Its main pack is easy to detach from the frame so that you can use the frame as a specialized meat hauler. The design is well thought out and you can actually strap a game quarter to the frame; you will connect the main pack afterward. This hunting backpack also allows you to strap a game quarter to the frame and then attach the primary pack. Thanks to its features, you will be able to pack out the trophy and hold the load close to your back for more comfortable carrying.

Despite its size and features, it could easily be your best bowhunting backpack, as it’s relatively lightweight when empty. The internal frame is made with aluminum and channeled high-density polyethylene. Once you load the pack, you will be able to secure both small and large loads with the compressed wind system. Add more of your hunting gear on the shelf.

It’s a top-loading hunting backpack with rugged zippers and a spotting-scope pocket (fleece lined). It also comes with two easy-access pockets, a gun/bow drop-down pocket and it’s hydration compatible. Versatility is excellent and you can turn the top pocket into a mini backpack for a day hunt. The organization doesn’t disappoint, as the pack features an internal horizontal divider. You have 4,000 cubic inches to store your hunting gear– you can easily fit your sleeping bag at the bottom.

The backpack is made with 1,680D ballistic nylon and Robic nylon for a rugged yet lightweight build.

  • it’s one of the best bow hunting backpacks to use on backcountry hunts
  • You can haul meat thanks to its aluminum frame
  • it has several pockets and a divider in the main compartment
  • it’s rugged yet lightweight

  • the zippers are rather loud
  • the price could throw off some customers

If you miss the Alps Outdoorz Pursuit, you should make the splurge and invest in the Alps Outdoor Extreme Commander X. You won’t have to buy another hunting backpack any time soon.

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4. Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

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Experienced hunters who love the multi-day elk hunting trips look for the best bow hunting backpacks. Timber Hawk KillShot backpack offers 56.2- liter capacity– dedicated hunters will appreciate the generous carrying space. You can carry a bow, rifle, or tripod with this bow hunting backpack. Additionally, you can try various ways to take your bow.

The main compartment of the bow hunting pack provides you with enough space for carrying gear for several nights. There are also bottom and top lashing points to store items. The multiple pockets are excellent for organizing your gear. The compression straps will help you shrink the pack for load stability and you always have effortless access to your equipment when packed in the right and left hip belt accessory pockets. The list of features continues with Silent Stalk quick-ejection clips to drop the pack quickly, Hawk-Eye binocular strap system, drop-down scabbard for safe rifle storage, and internal spotting scope sleeve. You can use the pockets on the shoulder-padded straps to store your radio, phones, and navigation tools.

Despite its generous storage space, the hunting backpack is small enough to walk through the bushes quietly. The pack is made with polyester brushed tricot with PVC backing, which explains its silent and long-lasting body. It features a pull-out orange blaze rain cover to protect and offer visibility when necessary.

One of the many worries when hunting is staying hydrated. The problem is solved as the hunting backpack has a two-liter reversible hydration bladder and insulated hose. When you aim for the best bow hunting backpack, you shouldn’t worry about comfortable carry. Since the pack has easy-to-adjust shoulder straps, it fits torsos of various sizes.The waist belt is padded and features ergonomic tightening for perfect adjustments.

Even if it’s not the best bow hunting backpack, it does come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

  • it has easy-to-access pockets and a spacious main compartment
  • it’s long-lasting and quiet
  • it features a hydration bladder with an insulated hose
  • it’s excellent for multi-day hunting trips

  • the pocket for the spotting scope is relatively small
  • it gets heavy, so make sure you pack wisely

When you plan a multi-day hunting backpack for your best bow hunting adventure and need a strong, comfortable, and spacious backpack to carry heavy loads, the Timber Hawk KillShot Backpack is one of the best options to purchase.

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5. ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer

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Some manufacturers know what hunters want in their bow hunting backpacks. Alps OutdoorZ is one that never disappoints hunters. Whether you buy the Alps OutdoorZ TrailBlazer or the Alps Outdoorz Pursuit, you’re always safe. The TrailBlazer is a keeper. The backpack provides you 41L (2,500 cubic inches) of space to organize your hunting gear. Its size recommends it for mid to late-season hunting when you need to pack additional gear and clothing.

Many things make a pack the best bow hunting backpack and versatility is one. Alps Outdoorz TrailBlazer comes with an expandable pocket where you can safely carry your compound bow or gun. Your hands will be free and you can do something other than holding your bow while stalking.

The main compartment provides you with suitable space for your gear. The zippered front pocket and side mesh pockets allow you also to be efficient in organizing your hunting gear. There are several attachment points through the bartacked webbing so you can attach more gear. The front lashing system lets you get more gear when hunting.

Staying hydrated is crucial when hunting and the pack solves it as it comes with a hydration pocket where you can put your water bladder.

The pack doesn’t disappoint in terms of comfort as it comes with a PE frame sheet for improved support, padded shoulder straps, chest straps, and waist straps. The straps are adjustable and the carry handle eases out transportation. The blaze orange rain cover makes the backpack easy to notice. The pack is made with brushed polyester which explains its silent and durable body.

  • it comes with an expandable pocket to carry the bow
  • the main compartment is spacious
  • it features the mesh pockets, front lashing system, and attachment points
  • it has a hydration pocket and rain cover

  • it could use more zippers for the main compartment
  • the waist and chest straps could be longer

Regardless of the minor issues, Alps OutdoorZ TrailBlazer is one of the best bow hunting backpacks for any mid-season bow hunting trip without emptying your wallet.

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6. Cabela’s Multi-Day Hunting Pack

Cabelas Multi-Day Hunting Pack

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Should you have the skills and experience for multi-day hunting, you should look for the best bow hunting backpack. Cabela’s Multi-Day Huning pack is one of the best bow hunting packs for such hunts. Its build and features turn it into an excellent archery backpack and the built-in meat shelf is a selling point for many.

It’s an internal frame backpack with padded front shoulder straps and fully adjustable torso suspension. The main compartment is easy to expand from 2.500 cubic inches to 4,000 cubic inches. You no longer have to stress about packing your elk quarter in the backpack as Cabela’s Multi-Day Hunting Pack has expandable meat compartments. You can safely secure your game meat tight against the back panel with the compression straps and rugged locking buckles.

Cabelas Multi-Day Hunting Pack rear view

Bow carrying will be effortless as the pack features external attachment straps and a gun-carrying boot. It’s a comfortable bow hunting backpack with an adjustable torso within the back paneling. You will be able to adjust the pack to your back’s shape for the most comfortable carrying. The waist belt is well padded for comfortable carrying of heavy loads. The hip belt comes with a holster attachment for a sidearm.

No pack can qualify as the best bow hunting backpack unless it has a built-in hydration reservoir compartment, rain cover, and blaze flag. Your gear will remain dry and you will be easy to notice when hunting.

Cabelas Multi-Day Hunting Pack side view

  • it’s a bow hunting backpack for short and long trips
  • it comes with an expandable meat compartment
  • it has compression straps, a padded waist belt, and locking buckles
  • the torso is adjustable and the pack has straps, rifle boot, and bow holder

  • it’s not lightweight when empty
  • the belt is rather long

Cabela’s Multi-Day Hunting Pack is one of the best bow hunting backpacks as it ticks most boxes and has a competitive price.

==> See the price and reviews on Cabelas

7. Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

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Hunters who don’t settle with anything but the best bow hunting backpack should check out the Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting. The hunting backpack brings many great things to the table, but its ventilation system is probably the best one to name. The Badlands Hypervent suspension pulls the backpack away from the back for a continuous flow of cooling air. When your back touches the pack, the rigid mesh fabric, and ventilated foam ensure airflow for a comfortable and dry carry.

The Badlands Diablo Dos is an excellent choice for carrying both a bow and a rifle. It features a rifle/bow boot and batwing straps to hold your bow securely. The organization is impressive as the backpack offers space for all the gear you need when hunting. It also has easy-to-access hip belt pouches and several rear compression straps for effortless carry. The shoulder straps are seamless and well-padded.

The portable backpack is made with KXO-32 fabric that is waterproof, tough, quiet, and lightweight. The water repellent treatment (DWR) stops moisture from seeping into the fabric. Your gear will stay dry as water beads will roll-off. Your pack will also remain difficult to spot by your game as it comes in Approach FX Camo– an innovative concealment technology that renders you virtually impossible to see. The dark woods Camo adjusts to the surroundings and the lighting.

The backpack has a 3L hydration reservoir and Aramid thread that holds impressive weights. As a result, the pack is rugged and ready to take on the most challenging hunts– the best bow hunting backpacks always are!

  • it has impressive ventilation and a bow holder
  • it’s tough, durable, and has Approach FX Camo fabric
  • it features accessible hip-belt pouches and compression straps
  • it has water repellent treatment

  • it’s a tad oversized
  • hunters with long torsos won’t find it very comfortable

Providing you with 2,100 cubic inches for storing your gear and ticking most boxes of best bow hunting backpacks, the Badlands Diablo Dos is always a wise buy.

==> See the price and reviews on Amazon

8. Cabela’s Bow and Rifle Pack

Cabelas Bow and Rifle Pack

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Dedicated hunters who are all in for various types of hunting need the proper hunting equipment. Cabela’s Bow and Rifle Pack is an excellent choice for your next hunting trip, whether you take your bow, firearm, or both. Unlike other bowhunting backpacks, this one comes with a safe attachment that holds your bow/gun.

The innovative foam structure in the center creates a sturdy platform for steady shooting. It’s a one-of-a-kind back-panel design that ensures effortless access into the pack, comfort, and support when heavily loaded. The channeled padding provides you with efficient ventilation and has a padded waist belt. Additionally, you can attach a holster for the sidearm–these are all features that give the best bow hunting backpack for many hunters out there.

Cabelas Bow and Rifle Pack side view

The backpack gives 2,500 cubic inches to pack all your gear. The main pocket is easy to access and the side compression straps ease out the carry. Your hunting essentials will remain dry on a rainy day as the hunting backpack comes with a built-in rain cover and blaze flag for safe hunts. The pack is made with polyester and 600-D polyester with Oxford built for durability.

It’s a hydration-compatible backpack that comes with a built-in hydration reservoir compartment. These features make the backpack versatile and dependable as a hiking pack, bow carrying pack, or rifle hunting adventure.

Cabelas Bow and Rifle Pack rear view

  • it has a versatile weapon carrying system
  • its foam structure in the center gives a sturdy platform
  • it’s comfortable even when heavily loaded
  • it’s hydration compatible and durable

  • the zippers could be less loud
  • the shoulder straps could use more padding

Cabela’s Bow and Rifle Pack is an excellent backpack for hunters who enjoy hunting just as much as they enjoy hiking.

==> See the price and reviews on Cabelas

Don’t buy the first backpack you see on the shelf. Give our buying guide a read first!

Entry-level bow hunters may think that any backpack will do for bow hunting. However, it takes

experience and common sense to know that a bow hunting backpack will differ from elk hunting. Some features make a backpack a reliable choice or not for bow hunting. Keep reading for the details.

Bow attachment

Even if your common sense and personal preference will always have the final say, we recommend you

choose a backpack with compound bow holders. This feature eases the hunting tremendously because your hands are free and you no longer have to stress where to put your bow. It’s the same when you hunt with a rifle– the best hunting pack will have a rifle boot. Additionally, the bow attachment ensures that the bow is protected and has minimal risk for damage.

Carrying space

If you’re a hunter who plans for every possible scenario, the carrying space of your backpack is essential. Should you prefer to hunt light, you can get away with a hunting backpack with little carrying space. A removable accessory pocket and a drop-down pocket are features you find in the best bow hunting backpack.

Hydration Bladder

One of the things that you don’t need when you’re hunting is being thirsty. When you’re looking for

the best bow hunting backpack, one that comes with a hydration bladder is an excellent option. If your pack checks all boxes apart from having a hydration bladder, you should at least see that it’s spacious enough to accommodate a hydration bladder.


It all comes to what you want when you’re hunting. When you prefer to hunt light, a lightweight bow hunting backpack is better than one on the heavyweight side. Spacious carrying space leads to heavyweight, so give it a good thought before buying.

Features for comfort shouldn’t add much weight. The best bowhunting backpack features a molded foam waist belt, lycra shoulder straps, padded shoulder harness that don’t make the bow hunting backpack heavy when empty.

What should you pack when you go bow hunting?

Every hunter will know, after some time, how many things to pack when bowhunting. Each hunterwill discover what is crucial to pack and what not when hunting after some trial and error.

What you must take when you hunt with a bow

Seven things should never miss from your bow hunting backpack:

Purchased hunting license

You don’t need to be an experienced hunter to know that shooting a game animal without a valid

hunting license is illegal. Purchase your license and make sure you have it in your bow hunting backpack all the time. Digital licenses are allowed for hunters in some states, while others will require a paper copy. Make sure you check out your state wildlife agency regulations to see which license you should have on you.

Bow& quivered arrows

It goes without saying that you need a bow to go bow hunting. Pick wisely your bow and your arrows. Quivered arrows with broadheads. You won’t be able to shoot your game animal without the arrows.


If you opt for tree stand hunting, keep in mind that tree stand falls kill hunters quite often. Never take your chances and put on a safety harness when you plan to pursue from an elevated platform. Remain connected from the ground up at all times and get a lifeline to climb trees. When hunting from a tree stand, use a lineman’s belt.

Always stay safe and wear a safety harness when hunting from an elevated platform. You should make sure to stay connected from the ground up. Use a lifeline when climbing trees and a lineman’s belt when you hunt from tree stands.

Release aid

Many modern bow hunters opt for using index-finger release or a thumb release to effortless bow

drawing and arrow release. Attaching the wrist-strap release to the bow’s riser is a good decision when you don’t use it—it will always be with you this way. Attaching a retention strap to the thumb release is also a good idea.


No matter how experienced you are or how far you go into the woods, you should always get a

compass for the worst-case scenarios. Pack a compass and get your bearings before going out there.

You will need a flashlight, no matter which type of hunting you do. You cannot hunt in the dark, and a flashlight will reduce the risk of falling, tripping, or injuring yourself in a tree branch. A good flashlight can also help you follow the blood trail in the dark as well.

Yes, your smartphone can work as a flashlight and compass at the same time. Always make sure that your phone is fully charged before you leave home. It’s not a bad idea to also pack a power bank and to avoid using the apps that drain the power. If you only rely on your smartphone, you should at least be 100% that you have enough power and…network.

What would be of great help when bowhunting

We know that none of the following items is crucial for safe and successful bowhunting. However,

you will find that they can change for the better the entire hunting experience.

Water and snacks

Deer hunting can span for several hours and the chances to get hungry are pretty high. Make sure thatyou have enough water on your (hence, the hydration bladder on your bow hunting backpack!)

And stay hydrated while hunting. Also, pack carrots, crackers, apples, protein bars, and a sandwich to remain energized.


Always assume that you won’t go back home empty-handed. If you’re going to field-dress your deer, having a sharp knife is crucial. Remember to pack a sharp knife to field-dress your deer. If the hunting knife doesn’t sit well with you, consider using a multi-tool for your hunting. You can use the saw blade to make way through the branches. There are many branches around your hunt setting and a saw blade will come in handy.


It’s tricky to approximate distances, especially when you’re in a tree stand. Look for anaccurate rangefinder so that you don’t end up with an awful mistake but with a perfect shot.

Screw-in bow hanger/bow stand

When you’re bow hunting, you can wait and sit with the bow in your lap, which isn’t ideal after

several hours. A bow stand or a screw-in bow hanger will improve your bowhunting experience. Such hunting accessories are really affordable and easy to pack. They are worth every single penny, so make sure you buy one.

First-aid kit

No matter how careful or experienced you are, you should never forget that the risk for accidents is never null when hunting. Make sure you get the basic first-aid kit with latex gloves, bandages, and other safety items.

Flagging ribbon

You can use the flagging ribbons to mark locations. Use it to keep your trail into/out of thestand area. Flagging ribbons are also great to use to draw blood after the shoot.

Bug protection

Mosquito and tick bites won’t kill you—not immediately, anyway. However, they can still make the hunting unpleasant as they will make you fuss and move, all without stopping.

Pack Thermacell to keep flying insects away and some permethrin to alleviate tick bites.

Extra tips

The time of the season and the weather are also crucial for choosing your clothing and accessories for hunting. Extra layers, rain gear, hand warmers, deer calls, and rattling antlers are some of the additional items you should pack on your bowhunting.

Binoculars, hand saw/pruning shears, and toilet paper also count for comfort when hunting. Many hunters pack the non-essential items in an easy-to-grab pack/fanny pack, regardless of their trip. Such packs are excellent solutions because you can effortlessly pack the bow and go hunting, knowing that you have everything in the pack. Just remember to refill on the snacks after each hunt.


Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

To say that I am an outdoors enthusiast is probably an understatement. I am hyper passionate about everything outdoors: hiking, survival, hunting. On this website I am sharing my stories and experiences, and I hope you'll find inspiration to take up your own adventures!


Best Bow hunting backpack

Best Bow hunting backpack

Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

To say that I am an outdoors enthusiast is probably an understatement. I am hyper passionate about everything outdoors: hiking, survival, hunting. On this website I am sharing my stories and experiences, and I hope you'll find inspiration to take up your own adventures!