Magpul Executive Field Tactical Iphone Case Review

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The Magpul Executive Field case for the Iphone 4 is made, apparently, of the same material as the PMag and has a very nice feel to the touch; it’s stiff, and rough on the outside. The little bumps on each side give a perfect grip.

Everyone has the fear of accidentally dropping the phone from your pack, but the combination of rough and stiff fabric along with the bumps give a great grip. The grip is far better than in the case of a silicone slipcover and the rigidity gives also a great comfort and you might say that the slipcover is really attached to the phone.

The Iphone slides easily in its protection cover by clipping. Getting it out of it is a bit more difficult , which is a good thing when it comes to safety. Unlike a sleek silicone slipcover, this case doesn’t come out on its own. This case doesn’t protect highly your Iphone, but for a regular use it’s all that you need so that you don’t wear out too much the phone.

There are efficient holes to use the various features of your Iphone. The switch for the silent mode is a bit too small and not very easy to access (it could be bigger!)

There is a slightly disappointment from the design of the sides of the case. The edges of the case don’t stick perfectly to the Iphone, but this caused also by a protecting glass screen on your Iphone.

The borders of the case don’t stand tight on the face of the Iphone, which gives a lower protection to the screen. The hole for the flashlight is too small, but it doesn’t interfere with the functioning.

Newer models include a bigger hole for the flash.

So, here are the pros:

  • The price
  • The fabric and the design
  • The tactical style
  • The various colors

The cons:

  • There isn’t as much protection for the Iphone as you’d expect
  • The molding design
  • The difficult access to the switch button

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Robert Dwayne

Robert Dwayne

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