What Emergency Supplies Should You Stock At Home?

You want to survive through any emergency but understanding the necessary supplies can often be difficult. One source online tells you one thing and then another expert tells you something completely different and most can find it extremely difficult to know which way to turn. What sort of emergency supplies should you be looking to stock up on?

Fuel for Your Body

Your first supplies to stock up on must be food and water. Now, as most people will know you need to have at least twenty gallons of drinking water – this is around a two week supply – and it needs to be stored carefully. You don’t want to leave the water in hard to reach locations or in an outside storage facility just in case you can’t reach it. Everything you stock up on should be stored in an emergency supply store, preferably inside the main building of the property.

Ideally an old store cupboard or pantry could prove useful. However, you do need to stock the best food for emergencies because you need to have fuel for the body to keep going throughout the emergency.

A Note or Warning

Even when you are choosing long-life food, you still need to keep a close eye on their expiry date. Food can be stocked easily and forgotten about and when you need it, it’s well past its expiry! What you should do, is always continue to add to your emergency stockpile every week or at least once a month to ensure there is enough supplies. However, once a month, you need to check the dates of the food and keep refreshing all items after so long just in case any food is about to expire.

Crackers and Jam

Crackers are probably one of the best foods to stockpile because they can be tasty and if you buy whole-wheat crackers, good for your health also. Crackers are high-energy foods and they will be good for your body and most people like them too. They do make a good sub for bread as well! When you are stockpiling emergency supplies your first food to consider is crackers and lots of them because they are very inexpensive to buy and last quite a while too when stored properly.

Jams are also good to stock up on because they can be useful to offer more protein to certain snacks and jam and crackers go particularly well. Jam does come with a good shelf-life and you could even make your own home-made jam or preservatives.

Peanut Butter and Spreads

If you want something that is full of good fats and is a high-energy source, peanut butter is your best option. Peanut butter doesn’t require any special requirements; it can be placed in your stockpile and stored for months before it goes off. In fact, there are a whole host of spreads that are perfect to add to your stockpile. You can choose fillers and spreads the family enjoy and it’ll keep everyone happy.

Cereal, Energy and Protein Bars

Have a look at your cereal boxes in your cupboards right now and see what the expiry date is. Cereal is perfect addition to any stockpile because it’s long-lasting and often comes with lots of energy. However, you don’t just need to stick to cereals; you can look at cereal bars, as well as protein and energy bars. Protein bars are particularly good to boost energy levels and that may be crucial when it comes to surviving an emergency. What is more, they are not too expensive and very tasty too.

Canned Goods

There is a whole host of canned goods you can stockpile on. For a start, you can add dried apricots, canned chicken and salmon and even tuna. You could also look at canned vegetables to help keep protein levels up and you can add soups too. Most soups are healthy and don’t come with a high-fat content making them some of the best foods to stockpile with.


You cannot stockpile fresh milk or yogurt because they will not last; you need to consider powdered milk and eggs. These might not sound the most appealing but they can be absolutely fantastic when you want to get an alternative to fresh milk. However, you can stock up on sports and energy drinks – which are full of carbohydrates – along with several other drinks. You could even add some soda products as long as its expiry date lasts quite a while.

Of course, it’s best to stock up on as much water as possible because it’s the most needed substance the body needs. However, you don’t just need to stick with water; you can have a standard supply of water but also have other options available so every member of the family has something else they enjoy.


Supplements can be an important thing to stockpile especially if you can’t get most of your daily vitamin and nutrients. Many might not see multivitamins as a much-needed source for your home to survive during emergencies but they can be good. You might not be able to get your daily vitamins and supplements can allow you to get at least some much-needed vitamins each day.

Medicines and Medical Supplies

If any member of the household requires daily medication, you need to have an extra supply in your home. Remember, you may not be able to get to a doctor or get a repeat prescription when needed but when you have an additional supply you won’t run out. You also need to stock up on aspirin, antibiotic creams, disinfectant soap, bandages, band aids, gauze first-aid scissors, and tweezers and hygiene products.

You are going to hear a lot about medicines but they are such a vital supply to have in your home.

Additional Items You Will Need

Candles and flashlights are necessities when it comes to stockpiling because if the lights go out, you will need these and plenty of them. Don’t forget the waterproof matches and have an array of clothing for every occasion. You need to have clothes and blankets to help stay warm in case there isn’t any heating available in the home. Also, buy a digital radio to keep up-to-date with current events and know when the danger has passed.

Have a Survival Kit for the Family Car

It can be important to look at stocking up a small kit of supplies in the family car so that should events take a turn for the worse and you need to leave; you have something to fall back on. Now, you have small a three-day supply of water and food as well as the basics but you will also need to think about having tools should the car run into difficulty. You may also want to think about having rope should you get stuck or if someone else needs help with their car. Cash and a spare set of clothes always come in use if you can’t immediately get home during an emergency.

Having these things available whenever you need them, may just allow you to avoid a total disaster.

60+ essentials you should have at home for emergencies!

There are various types of emergencies and the supplies you will need may differ from one situation to another. Nevertheless, the following supplies are the most important to have in your home for all types of emergencies.

60+ essentials you  should have at home for emergencies!

From the Hardware Store

It’s easy to get most of your supplies at the local hardware store. Here’s what to buy there:

1.       Generator

If an emergency approaches your local area and people fear losing electricity, generators will be the first things to disappear from the stores. We all want flushing toilets, lights, and refrigeration. As a result, we’re willing to pay insanely high prices for a generator. Avoid emptying your wallet in the future and buy today a generator.

2.       Batteries

Since you will have flashlights and lanterns for emergencies, you will want to have enough batteries to run them as well. You don’t want to be left in darkness when a disaster strikes.

3.       Recipients for water

In case of a natural disaster, water can become a crucial matter. If you discover a way to collect water, you also need to store it. We recommend you have containers to store water.

4.       Water purifiers

You don’t need to be a healthcare professional to know that you need fresh water to live. In an emergency, it’s a matter of time until you no longer have water in your faucet. You need to have alternatives, and water purifiers are an excellent option.

5.       Firewood

What if a disaster comes along in the middle of the winter? With electricity being shut down, you will need something to keep your family warm. Unless you live on acres of land with plenty of wood to cut down, you will need to buy firewood. Don’t waste any more time and start stocking up on firewood now or have a backup plan for when you need warmth.

6.       Fire Extinguisher

Anything can happen in an emergency scenario, and fires aren’t an exception. You should have a fire extinguisher in your home, whether you prepare for an emergency or not.

7.       Outdoor cooking methods

If electricity is gone, you will need an alternative method to cook your meals. Sometimes, cooking outside is the best solution. You will need propane or charcoal to cook your meals most of the time. Decide what method you will use and stock up on it.

8.       Portable Cooking Mechanism

How do you plan to cook if the power goes out? As mentioned, you should have a plan for cases when you must cook without electricity. Buy a portable grill because it’s affordable and easy to store. It’s versatile and valuable in many situations. A wood stove is another reliable option for emergencies, so make sure you have the fuel to cook with it.

9.       Solar Ovens

Solar ovens are easy to make and you use the sunlight for cooking your food. When you don’t have another method to cook your meals, you should buy a solar oven for emergencies.

10.   Cast iron

Apart from cooking methods and fuel, you also need the proper cookware for cooking outdoor. Cast iron is a good material because it’s safe to use both inside and outside.

11.   Fishing Supplies

If you don’t have enough food and cannot harvest anything, your only option is fishing. Keep your fishing gear on hand because it can save your family from starving— assuming you know how to fish.

12.   Coolers

When electricity is out and you cannot use the refrigerator, you should consider a cooler. Fill it with ice to keep perishable food cold for several days. Also, if you have to butcher an animal for food, you will be able to store it in the cooler on ice until you eat it.

13.   Flare Gun

Let’s say you are stranded on your roof because of a flood and notice a search-and-rescue team. You can signal your presence with a flare gun. Get one until they’re gone.

14.   Carbon Monoxide Detector

Many things depend on electricity and you will need to stay warm by using alternatives for it. You want to stay safe, too, so avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by using a carbon monoxide detector. Get a battery-operated model for emergencies.

15.   Manual Can Opener

Canned food is crucial for times of crisis, but you also need a can opener to open them. You will not be able to use an electrically powered one, so buy a manual can opener to open your canned foods. Put it down on your list of supplies.

16.   Box cutter

A box cutter is a versatile tool you can use for many things, along with cutting boxes. Some are small and easy to attach to a key chain so have at least one in your home at all times.

17.   Knife Sharpener

No knife will be of any use unless it’s sharp. A blunt knife won’t help you cut rope, butcher an animal, or defend yourself. Make sure you get a knife sharpener well ahead of time. You use knives all the time, so you need a knife sharpener for day-to-day life as well.

18.   Duct tape

Duct tape can fix anything, from pipes and fixtures to wounds and zippers. Joke aside, duct tape is crucial to have for emergencies. It can literarily save the day in both ordinary and extraordinary scenarios.

19.   Glue

The chances of something breaking in the middle of a crisis are high so have some glue on hand. You can use it to fix many things during trying times.

20.   Hand pump

If you have an electrically powered well, you won’t use it if the electricity goes out. You can buy and attach a hand pump to the well to get water out of the well even when you have no power.

21.   Cordless power tools

When a big storm hits, things will get broken and you will have to do some repairs. Have a cordless power tool to ease out the process. Have enough batteries as well or alternative methods to charge them.

22.   Tarps

People living on a farm understand that tarps are helpful in many ways. If you need an instant cover, a tarp is an excellent choice. Have several tarps around the house because you can use them for a wide variety of things, from covering a leaking roof to creating a temporary shelter.

23.   Nails and screws

We use nails and screws to build and fix things. Sometimes, they can save the day when an emergency strikes. Have enough screws and nails to increase your chances of getting through a crisis.

24.   Fix-a-flat

With an emergency, you probably won’t have the time to go to your local automotive store to buy a plug to fix a flat tire. If you’re prepared ahead of time, you will be able to keep your plugs or cans of fix-a-flat on hand if the day comes and you’re forced to fix a flat tire.

25.   Gas containers

Sometimes, you will have to evacuate your home and drive away from your location. Along with a full tank, you will need gas to get to your destination. Since gas runs quickly, we recommend you stock up gas containers ahead of time.

26.   Plastic garbage cans

Plastic garbage cans are an excellent purchase for emergencies for many reasons. Even if it’s a crisis, you will need a garbage can at some point. Additionally, you can use the garbage cans as root cellars by placing them in the ground. If you don’t have room in your house, you can use the garbage cans to store food.

27.   Compass

Smartphones come with GPS, but you need an alternative for when they run out of power. Get a compass and learn how to use it if you need to evacuate your home.

28.   Sleeping bags and backpacks

You need to consider your sleeping arrangements for emergencies. It’s essential to sleep dry and warm, despite the crisis you’re going through. Make sure you have enough sleeping bags for all your family members and blankets.

29.   Portable mattresses

You must be prepared for anything if a tragedy occurs. A portable cot or mattress will be of great help if you are displaced from your home. You won’t sleep on hard ground but on a soft surface.

30.   Composting toilets

Let’s say you don’t have running water, cannot flush the toilet, nor access water to flush it. How will you use the bathroom? Consider using a portable or a composting toilet. You can make a DIY composting toilet or an off-grid kind outhouse.

31.   Bug spray

Bugs can be annoying and the last thing you want to deal with in a crisis are bug bites. Make sure you have bug spray for your family to remove some of the issues in an emergency.

32.   Roach killer

Roaches are not fun to watch and have in your home. Get some roach traps and poison for emergencies and day-to-day life.

33.   Rat poison

Rats can be very dangerous as they carry diseases. With floods, the risk of rats getting into your home are high. Buy rat poison to keep the unwanted critters at a distance.

34.   Garden tools and seeds

You might not understand why you should stock up on seeds and garden tools. What if a natural disaster happens and you will have to supply your food for a long time? Get garden tools for easier gardening and seeds. Learn how to harvest seeds and adequately store them for later use.

35.   Backpacks

Buy a bug-out bag or a bug-out shelter for worst-case scenarios. When in a crisis, you might have to evacuate your home immediately. Have a backpack ready and pack everything you need.

From the Grocery Store

36.   Jerky

Do you like venison or beef jerky? If so, you should buy them for your emergency supplies. It’s dehydrated food that lasts for a long time and offers a good amount of proteins. Additionally, you can quickly put some jerky in your bug-out bag.

37.   Dried beans

Even if you don’t personally like beans, they’re efficient for crises. Store a large bag of dried beans in the basement because they’re easy to cook. Buy dried or canned beans because you will be able to use them both at home and on the move. Dried beans are serious food and provide protein.

38.   Rice

Rice is an affordable food that is easy to store in food-grade buckets until you need it. There are many ways to cook rice and it lasts for a long time. If the food is scarce, rice is an excellent food to have because it’s very filling.

39.   Oil to Cook With

You need cooking oil when frying and you cannot throw it away because you didn’t have oil. Make sure you buy oil to cook with.

40.   Spices

Spices won’t save your life, but why eat blunt food in a crisis when herbs are so easy to store? Truth be told, in a life-threatening situation, you will eat whatever you have on your hands. But if you prepare your emergency supplies, add spices to the list. Tasty food will make you feel good and face the difficulty better.

41.   Tea and/or coffee

Only coffee drinkers will consider coffee an essential item to buy for emergencies. However, people who don’t typically drink coffee will find it very useful for stressful times. Either way, it’s a good idea to stock up on coffee as well.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of tea, you should buy enough tea boxes to have your favorite beverages during hard times.

42.   Sweet treats

We all have our little treats in life and some love their sweet tooth. Buy sweet treats to have on hand for you and your family. Some quick snacks will give you the energy to keep going when you don’t have the means and time to cook. Buy dried fruit leathers to keep hunger at a distance.

43.   Baking Needs

When the threat of a disaster strikes, people will rush to stores to stock up on milk and bread. Plan and buy the baking items you need – you will bake a lot after you finish the processed items.

44.   Baking Soda

Baking soda is the miracle ingredient you should have at home for many things. From baking and removing musty smells to cleaning kitchen pipes and mold on walls, baking soda is an essential item to have in your home at any given moment. Buy baking soda in bulk—you can also use it to put out fires!

45.   Sweeteners

Just because it’s a crisis doesn’t mean we should abandon our favorite foods and habits. Buy honey, sugar, molasses and any other sweetener that you like. Make sure you have sweeteners for your coffee and sweeteners to make sweet treats. Sugar can boost your morale in crisis.

46.   Baby Supplies

If you have a tiny baby, you will need baby supplies for emergencies. We talk about diapers, formula, baby wipes, and other items your baby will need to survive.

47.   Food for pets

Most pet owners won’t forget to buy food for their lovely companions. Whether you have a large breed dog, a pretentious cat, or a friendly tortoise, you will want to keep them well-fed even in a crisis. Buy as much as possible and learn how to make food for your pet. You might have to do it once the stored food is gone.

From the Drug Store

48.   OTC Meds and Antibiotics

When a natural disaster or attack happens, it can take days until you contact a doctor or chemist—stock up on over-the-counter meds and prescriptions for you or a family member with a chronic disease.

49.   Hygiene products

It’s funny, but toilet paper is one of the first to disappear from shelves in crisis. Toilet paper doesn’t have an expiration date, so stock up today and store it in large garbage cans outdoors to save space inside the house.

Something as simple as a shower or clean teeth can boost our morale when in a crisis. Have enough shower gel, toothpaste, and other hygiene items you use every day.

50.   Feminine products

Life will continue its cycle even when a crisis comes along. Women have to use feminine hygiene products, so don’t forget to include them in the emergency supplies list.

51.   Antibacterial items

Staying safe and healthy is crucial, especially when your life is threatened. Stay away from germs as much as possible by using antibacterial wipes, soaps, and hand sanitizers. You’re not the only one needing them, so buy them today.

52.   Bleach

You can use bleach to clean surfaces and whiten your clothes as well. Bleach is affordable and easy to use. Make sure to use small amounts to purify water and disinfect items without posing a threat to your health.

53.   Paper plates and utensils

When facing a crisis, you might not have the time, energy, water, and electricity to wash dishes. Make sure to stock up on napkins, paper plates, and utensils. Even if they do not last for years, they’re of great use in the initial period.

54.   Aluminum foil

You are wrong if you don’t think aluminum foil will be gone quickly from shelves. You can use aluminum foil for cooking outdoors on an open fire, store foods on a wood stove, and keep your food warm for some time.

55.   Garbage bags

We will only appreciate garbage bags when we don’t have them and use them. In a survival situation, we have to waste as little as possible. Add the garbage bags on your essential list—you will use them to hold items when you’re evacuating and help keep the house clean.

56.   Reading Glasses

Many emergency tools, medication, food, etc., have tiny instructions. Should you have to read a map or instructions, you might not be able to do it without reading glasses. You need to see during emergencies, so have an extra pair of reading glasses in your home.

From Your Clothing Retailer

57.   Warm clothes

The nights can get quite cold, no matter where you live. You should be prepared and have warm clothing at any time. Don’t postpone buying warm clothing. You risk not finding anything in store.

58.   Rain gear

You need to assume that rain will come at some point in a crisis. Sadly, rain is present in many situations, especially natural disasters. Buy enough waterproof jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, and waterproof shoes for your emergencies.

59.   Durable footwear

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a flood, or a tornado coming your way, you need to have durable footwear. Look for boots/shoes that repel water, have a good grip on all surfaces, and are easy to put on/take off. Make sure you break them in right when you buy them. When you evacuate your home, the last thing you want is to care for some annoying blisters.

60.   Camouflage clothing

Camos’ clothing can help in emergencies, especially if you have to hunt deer to have food. Make sure you buy it ahead of time—you’re not the only one hunting deer!


Children can adapt quickly, and it won’t be long until they get bored, regardless of the situation you’re dealing with. They will want entertainment. Have a pack of cards and various board games to keep your family members busy and in a good mood.


From the Gun Shop

When chaos breaks out after a severe crisis, many people will become violent and fight for survival. As long as you know how to use them, get some guns and ammunition for emergency purposes. Buy a pepper spray to protect your family and other tools you can use to defend yourself.

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