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Tenzing 2220 Review

Tenzing 2220 - click on image for details and more reviews The Tenzing TZ 2220 is one of my favorite daypacks within their line. It is a very good system with good entry to the main compartment. Like with all the rest of the Tenzing packs, they've color coded the zippers, both the teeth and the ...

Badlands Clutch Review

Badlands Clutch - click on the image for more details and reviews The Clutch backpack from Badlands was released in 2013 and was designed to replace the 2800 but at first glance it's easy to see a lot of the 2200 features built into this pack. The Clutch has a 2900 cubic inch capacity and ...

Bivy Sleeping – Why I Enjoy It

RangerMade asked me to write about tent camping in the mountains. I have to confess right away that at this time I don’t even own a tent! I used to have one of the best tents on the planet, The North Face VE 25, but I had to sell it in Mendoza, right after an expedition on Aconcagua, since I was ...

How to Choose, Use, and Maintain Your Backpack

In order to go on trips of several days in various locations you need a suitable backpack. Modern backpacks (with inner frame)-compared to old-style ones (with external frame)-are ergonomically designed to be comfortable, efficient, and provide good balance for the carrier. These advantages bring ...

Eberlestock Shooter’s Nest 1-Man Tent

The X-Tour Protector Bivy Tent is one of the best bivy tents or sacks out there, even though it is not cheap. But if you want a bivy tent that sets up in a jiffy right in time for the night, then the Protector is a great solution for camouflaged sleep in the outdoors! —->> Click Here for ...